Aarati Akkapeddi
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Location: Occupied Lenapehoking (NYC)

I would like to acknowledge the Lenni Lenape peoples who are the original and continued rightful stewards of the land that I love and on which I work and reside.

I am a first-generation, Telugu-American, interdisciplinary artist, educator, and programmer interested in the poetics and politics of datasets. I work with both personal and institutional archives to explore how identities and histories are shaped by different methods of collecting, preserving, and presenting data. I combine code, machine learning and analog techniques (photography, printmaking, & embossing). I often use family photographs and archival images as a source material, creating performative rituals of information extraction. My work touches on themes of intergenerational memory, loss, and diaspora. I have been supported by institutions such as Ada X, ETOPIA Center for Art & Technology, and LES Printshop.

(I also have a generative design & development practice as

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